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What is Colyseus?

Colyseus is a framework for writing your own authoritative multiplayer game servers using JavaScript/TypeScript and Node.js, and easily integrating it with your favorite game engine.

  • Room system/Matchmaking – from a single room definition, clients can join or create different game rooms.
  • State sync – automatically synchronize the state from the server with connected clients.
  • Scalable – built to be horizontally and/or vertically scalable
  • Cloud-agnostic – you may self-host it on your own servers for free, or use our commercial Colyseus Cloud service.

Getting started

Before we start, let's make sure you have the necessary system requirements installed in your local machine.


Creating your server

Use the command below to set up a new Colyseus server project:

# Create a new Colyseus project
npm create colyseus-app@latest ./my-server

# Enter the project directory
cd my-server

# Run the server
npm start
# Create a new Colyseus project
bunx create-colyseus-app@latest ./my-server

# Enter the project directory
cd my-server

# Install Bun transport & Run the server
bun add @colyseus/bun-websockets
bun run src/index.ts

Next steps