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JavaScript/TypeScript SDK

The JavaScript/TypeScript SDK is compatible with mostly every platform:


Including the JavaScript SDK in your project

This is the preffered method if you're using a build tool (webpack, rollup, or similar)

npm install --save colyseus.js

If you're not using a build tool, it is recommended to download the release binaries from GitHub Releases

<script src="colyseus.js"></script>

Alternatively, you may include the distribution file directly by using unpkg. Make sure to replace the @x.x.x portion of it with a version compatible with your server.

<script src="^0.15.0/dist/colyseus.js"></script>

Connecting to server

import * as Colyseus from "colyseus.js"; // not necessary if included via <script> tag.

var client = new Colyseus.Client('ws://localhost:2567');

Joining to a room

client.joinOrCreate("room_name").then(room => {
    console.log(room.sessionId, "joined",;
}).catch(e => {
    console.log("JOIN ERROR", e);

Room events

Room state has been updated:

room.onStateChange((state) => {
  console.log(, "has new state:", state);

Message broadcasted from server or directly to this client:

room.onMessage("message_type", (message) => {
  console.log(room.sessionId, "received on",, message);

Server error occurred:

room.onError((code, message) => {
  console.log(room.sessionId, "couldn't join",;

The client left the room:

room.onLeave((code) => {
  console.log(room.sessionId, "left",;

Strongly Typed State / Auto-completion

When using TypeScript, you can leverage strong types and editor auto-completion for the state.

You may include only the type of the state itself or the concrete implementation.

(The following examples are applicable to joinOrCreate, create, join, joinById, reconnect and consumeSeatReservation methods.)

Importing only the type:

You may use import type to import only the type of the state from your server code.

import type { MyState } from "../server/path/MyState";


Importing the concrete implementation:

In some cases, you may want to import the concrete implementation, to be able to re-use methods implemented in the server in the client.

import { MyState } from "../server/path/MyState"

client.joinOrCreate("my_room", {}, MyState);