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Welcome to Colyseus Cloud

Colyseus Cloud provides a managed infrastructure for your Colyseus application.

Colyseus Cloud Dashboard

Project template

In order to deploy your Colyseus application to Colyseus Cloud, you need to follow the project template from npm create colyseus-app@latest command:

Project structure

The key important configurations the template provide are:

  1. Usage of @colyseus/tools to start the application
  2. An ecosystem.config.js file at the root of the project (with the "script" pointing to your application's entrypoint)
import { listen } from "@colyseus/tools";

// Import Colyseus config
import app from "./app.config";

// Create and listen on 2567 (or PORT environment variable.)
import config from "@colyseus/tools";
import { MyRoom } from "./rooms/MyRoom";

export default config({
    initializeGameServer: (gameServer) => {
        gameServer.define('my_room', MyRoom);
    initializeExpress: (app) => {
        // ...
    beforeListen: () => {
        // ...
const os = require('os');

module.exports = {
    apps : [{
        name: "colyseus-app",
        script: 'build/index.js',
        time: true,
        watch: false,
        instances: os.cpus().length,
        exec_mode: 'fork',
        wait_ready: true,
        env_production: {
            NODE_ENV: 'production'

Deploying your application

From your terminal, run the following command to deploy your application to Colyseus Cloud.

npx @colyseus/cloud deploy

You will be redirected to your browser, where you will be asked to select which application you want to deploy.

This will generate a .colyseus-cloud.json file at the root of your project with credentials capable of deploying your application in the future. Keep this file safe!

Available command-line options:

  • --env [env]: The deployment environment. Default is production. (The .colyseus-cloud.json file stores the configuration per environment.)
  • --remote [remote]: Force a specific git remote to deploy from. Value is stored on .colyseus-cloud.json
  • --branch [branch]: Force a specific git branch to deploy from. Value is stored on .colyseus-cloud.json
  • --reset: Reset application selection for deployment
  • --preview: Open web interface to preview the deployment.

Customizing build steps

If you need to run custom build steps before deploying your application, you can customize the build script to your package.json file.

  "scripts": {
    "build": "your custom build steps here"

Environment Variables and Secrets

Colyseus Cloud allows you to safely store your secrets and environment variables via Application Settings page:

Environment Variables

Values are encrypted and only visible to team members of your application.

Do not commit your secrets to your repository!

When you commit a secret key to your repository, it is exposed to anyone with access to your repository. This can lead to your account being compromised, and your keys being used maliciously.

Development and Production environments

Colyseus loads your .env files automatically, depending on the NODE_ENV environment variable. The usage of .env files is optional.

  • .env.development: When testing from your local machine
  • .env.production: When deployed to Colyseus Cloud
  • .env.{REGION}.production: When deployed to Colyseus Cloud, depending on the region where your server has been provisioned. Region-based environment variables have precedence over .env.production.

Region-based Environment Variables

Colyseus Cloud provides region-based environment variables, depending on where your application is deployed:

  • process.env.REGION - the region where your server has been provisioned.
  • process.env.COUNTRY - the country where your server has been provisioned.

Region codes

Region process.env.REGION
Europe 'EU'
North America 'NA'
Asia 'AS'
Africa 'AF'
Australia 'AU'
South America 'SA'

Country codes

Country process.env.COUNTRY
Australia 'AU'
Brazil 'BR'
Canada 'CA'
Chile 'CL'
Germany 'DE'
Spain 'ES'
France 'FR'
United Kingdom 'GB'
Israel 'IL'
India 'IN'
Japan 'JP'
South Korea 'KR'
Mexico 'MX'
Netherlands 'NL'
Poland 'PL'
Sweden 'SE'
Singapore 'SG'
United States 'US'
South Africa 'ZA'