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Monitor Panel (@colyseus/monitor)

The @colyseus/monitor is a handy tool that allows you to view and inspect the current list of rooms spawned by the server.


  • List all active rooms
    • Force to dispose a specific room
  • Inspect a specific room
    • View room's state
    • Send/broadcast messages for a client
    • Force to disconnect a client.


Install the module:

npm install --save @colyseus/monitor

Include it in your project:

// ...
import { monitor } from "@colyseus/monitor";

// ...
app.use("/colyseus", monitor());
// ...
const monitor = require("@colyseus/monitor").monitor;

// ...
app.use("/colyseus", monitor());

Restrict access to the panel using a password

You can use an express middleware to enable authentication on the monitor route, such as express-basic-middleware:

npm install --save express-basic-auth

Create a user and password using express-basic-auth.

import basicAuth from "express-basic-auth";

const basicAuthMiddleware = basicAuth({
    // list of users and passwords
    users: {
        "admin": "admin",
    // sends WWW-Authenticate header, which will prompt the user to fill
    // credentials in
    challenge: true

app.use("/colyseus", basicAuthMiddleware, monitor());

Setting custom room listing columns

app.use("/colyseus", basicAuthMiddleware, monitor({
  columns: [
    { metadata: "spectators" }, // display 'spectators' from metadata

If unspecified, the default room listing columns are: ['roomId', 'name', 'clients', 'maxClients', 'locked', 'elapsedTime'].