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The Command Pattern


  • Models (@colyseus/schema) should contain only data, without game logic.
  • Rooms should have a little code as possible, and forward actions to other structures

The command pattern has several advantages, such as:

  • It decouples the classes that invoke the operation from the object that knows how to execute the operation.
  • It allows you to create a sequence of commands by providing a queue system.
  • Implementing extensions to add a new command is easy and can be done without changing the existing code.
  • Have strict control over how and when commands are invoked.
  • The code is easier to use, understand and test since the commands simplify the code.



npm install --save @colyseus/command

Initialize the dispatcher in your room implementation:

import { Room } from "colyseus";
import { Dispatcher } from "@colyseus/command";

class MyRoom extends Room<YourState> {
  dispatcher = new Dispatcher(this);

  onCreate() {
    this.setState(new YourState());

  onJoin(client, options) {
    this.dispatcher.dispatch(new OnJoinCommand(), { sessionId: client.sessionId });

  onDispose() {

How a command implementation looks like:

import { Command } from "@colyseus/command";

export class OnJoinCommand extends Command<YourState, { sessionId: string }> {
  execute({ sessionId }) {
    this.state.players[sessionId] = new Player();

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